free cee AUTUMN OUGHT NOT BE SO ORDINARY this is so sweet you can get diabetes

Written by: jeffry cohan


Setting now is another Autumnal sun
Another late October day is nearly done
And now I’ve another night all alone to face
Without a lasting and loving embrace
Sans a kindly kiss good-night
And a “sleep well my sweet” wrapped in delight
With sincerity sequestered in each word and her last smile so blueberry bright
No, just another very lonely night

Tonight my desires matter not since I am alone
Yes, of course there is always the telephone
But then all I hear is a disembodied voice
And if I had a choice and were I to make that choice known
I’d choose not to be quite and quietly so alone

Pictures of the past hang on a wall bare but for images of yesterday
Scenes of what sorrow and celebration had to say
Some in color and some in burnt sienna brown
Most that make me smile and only some that make me frown
The sad ones are photos taken while I must have been envisioning the sorrow of this day that has
 so suddenly set in
And the darkness yet another twilight has let in
Another night to chase away with sleep and a prayer for serenity
An evening made imperfect for a perfectly maudlin man like me
Sereneness that may never arrive for a lonely man who longs for long-term love
Yet finds only fleeting lovers who are tourists in and out of a life made from madness and too many changes
With all the obscurity uncertainty arranges
As I think of all the good times I must begin to be forgetting
But alas, yet another Autumnal sun is just about setting
© 2012 copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~