Surviving the Barren Night

Written by: Leigh Trent

-Flowing warmth
-Surrounds my whole body
-In this desolate
-Ice cold cave.
-I turn to hug
-The figure so close behind me
-As his arms comfort me.
-Even though
-We are trapped by a blizzard
-In the mountains
-And both of us
-Have sustained severe wounds,
-Me, losing my sight,
-Him, a crushed hand,
-Wondering if we will survive the 
-I know that whatever may come to 
-Whether it would be life or death,
-I'm safe with him.
-He is my happiness,
-My strength,
-My hope,
-My one and only,
-I'm safe with him,
-And he's safe with me.
-I am his Raven,
-And he is my Beast Boy.
-This night will not be easy,
-But as long as he's here with me
-I know, everything will be fine!
-I love you my Beast Boy,
-Merry Christmas,
-To you my Lovely!