Unforgetable Night

Written by: Romeo Della Valle

That special night,
She gave me a big surprise
When she made me feel
Like in paradise
By kissing me passionately
And holding me tight,
Turning that unpredictable moment
Into an endless night!

That night,
I witnessed a volcano’s erosion
Filled with lust and emotion
And like an opened-book,
She needed no instruction,
All my strength she took,
Leaving me completely dried
And with concoctions!

That gracious night,
She became like a slot-machine,
Behaving like a wild teen
And forgetting the age and pride,
We both felt fully fulfilled…

That night became
One of a kind,
Stamped forever
In my heart and mind…
Now, I hope to see her again
And repeat that exciting scene
That made me insane!

Romeo Della Valle
All rights reserved©2012