The Way You Loved Me

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

~The Way You Loved Me~ The sun used to show the way you loved me Sending me your warmth that made me glow by your side Within your heart, light was all I could see It was even found through diamond sparkles in an ocean’s tide The stars would shine in brilliance in the way you loved me Sending me a glimpse of how you lit up my life And God’s knows that there’s no place I’d rather be Than in your loving arms tonight Today, the sun shines but not the way it used to come around Its warmth no longer touches my face where you’re hand used to be Without your heart existing in this world the light has dimmed down I hold my arm out to its rays, praying they would shine in your memory The stars of light now refuse to shine Tonight, leaving a blanket of darkness to invade the night sky Everything was different when you were mine You magically had a way of bringing everything to life I sit alone on this park bench remembering the way you loved me Sadly seeing the cold raindrops take the place of the sun that once represented you Forming puddles to drown my tears as I cry alone with the memories Missing the way you loved me that no one else could ever do
PS. Just a made up poem.