Who I Am

Written by: Leigh Trent

I’m trapped
But not in the normal sense,
My minds trapped
In this body.
Everyone calls me a girl
Because that’s what my body portrays me as
But that’s not the case
Yes…I’m in a girl body
But I’m actually a boy
To be more precise…
I’m an F.T.M.,
Female to male transgendered.
I was born this way
And it’s actually natural
It’s not a defect
Or anything like that
It’s just who I am
I can’t change the fact 
That I’m a guy
I just deal with the girl body
And accept who I am
I know that it’s weird
And probably hard to accept
And to wrap your head around
But all I ask is to try
And to not judge me
If at all possible.
This is who I am…
I’m an F.T.M.,
And I’m proud of it!