Orange and Black

Written by: Leigh Trent

I am sounded
By everything,
Orange pumpkins
Candy everywhere
People in masks
Coming up to you, trying to scare you,
But they are the ones running away

Caring the colors of orange and black on me
Walking down the street,
Repeating the same words over and over 
"Trick or Treat"
And an occasional stern look
With the words "thanks...can I have some blood?"

I have colored contacts in, 
And fake fangs,
To frighten everyone
Or at least, that's what they think

What could they possibly see?
That scares them so badly?
A I continue to walk down the street,
Everything disappears
As I am submerged in darkness
Finally heading home
To an old, big, creepy house up the road, and around the corner
Where the real treat is!