Religion Goverment

Written by: Chris Garcia

The corruption,
The contamination,
Of what we call “Religion”,
Teaches us,
About our recreation,
Saying it is easy and simple,
Like a fracture,
But it is more serious,
Like a dislocation,
Of our transformation,
To become the people we want to be,
Then the people that are among us,
But by the way we are brought up,
We fall into that category,
We are like independent bubbles waiting to bust,
Independent people waiting to die,
In identical caskets,
With identical rackets,
Closing each one,
Till’ it is time for our souls to rise,
Between the phases,
Of the moon,
And the Sun,
Through the eyes,
Of god,
As he shows us the way,
To the government plans,
To the government chains,
To the government camps,
Where our useless body still lays,
We are once again,
To the same government,
That cannot be slayed,
To the same religion,
That bares many names,
To the same country,
That always blame,
Since we are peasants,
Trapped in a game,
Called life.