Written by: kasim ishmael

She runs thru the forest
Like the summer breeze
She’s wild like the nature
Like to do as she pleases

She comes to a river
And the water’s so cold
She splashes around laughing
She’s a gypsy girl

They call her wildflower
Cause she’s wild and free
She wears many colors
Like a rainbow across the sea

And like her ancestors
She’s a proud Romani
Can never settle one place
The world is her destiny

She dance around the fire
With a tambourine in her hands
While some plays the guitar
Some washes pots and pans

Though was a celebration
So I went to join the fun
And the moment I saw her
I know my heart was gone

An old man greets me
Give me a drink of wine
And next to the wagon
A girl hangs cloths on a line

He told bout the culture
Living free off the land
Away from the corporations
And the greed of man

He show me his daughter
The beautiful dancing girl
And I know at that instance
I had to join this gypsy world

Always know bout the gypsy
Never settling need to free
And I know the monkeys
Always swinging on a tree

I learn some geography
Know about the birds and bee
But never know that one day
I would become a gypsy’s

Now she plays with the baby
My beautiful gypsy wife
Don’t know that tomorrow brings
So today we live our life