Marry Me My Valentine

Written by: Pam Woolford

May we always feel this love we both share so passionately today?
Always kissing under the moon watching the dazzling stars in the sky       
Red are your luscious loving lips which I long to kiss evermore
Red roses I will give you to show how much that you’re adored
You’re the only one for me; my love for you grows daily more and more 
Marry me my darling; let’s change from two of us and unite as one
Exchange our vows before God, all our family and dear friends
My heart will overflow with love as I hear you recite so tenderly
You’ll stay forever by my side no matter what comes our way

Violins will begin playing a beautiful waltz composed by Strauss
As we nervously walk out holding hands to dance as husband and wife
Little kisses I will plant on those adorable red lips of yours my dear 
Every time I look into your sparkling, enticing emerald green eyes
Nothing else will matter as I embrace you in my arms 
Tell me now the answer to this question I‘m asking you tonight
I’m so in love with you my darling; I want you with me in my life
Now my dearest, would you be happy to take this journey now with me
Every day from now, I pray you’ll say yes to marrying me and becoming my wife.