A Spark In The Twilight Woods

Written by: Mehnaz Veetil

                                        A Spark In The Twilight Woods.

                                       A spark and a moment, fueled
                                     the burning embers of my lonely heart ,
                                       set the fire of a dead love ablaze,
                                    absorbed every tiny drop of lethargy 
                            set  flames lurking high, held mournful passions aflame,
                                             …a mesmerized nymph, 
                                         I sparkled, in a golden trance.
                                    Like dry grass on fire ,it fed on fast
                                              licked away in hunger
                                              whatever came its way.
                              Nature and fire entwined in a sensuous amber glow,
                                      swayed in a dance –fiery and wild.
                               A moment etched sharp in eternal timelessness,
                                       Ah, born was the beauty of love
                                             in deep twilight woods…