You can be my rap

Written by: Jimmi Canada

Who shot the shit? 
Who ate the breeze? 
Who is wasted on their knees? 

...Wasted yet wanted
-wigger economics

Chewed on by the Romulus
he's homeless
and has become spotted

Aerial attack coming
-feeling like I'd like to crack

Talking some serious smack
to a man who can't talk back

Wasted but warranted
encouraged but unrecorded 

The darkness hides the lord

The poor drain out all my pores

Dangerous doors won't lead you to any place
-they all stand in your way
-they are hella gay

Needy as your entire life, 
they sway and then they slam tight

So watch your sight
you just might learn of other life
sitting outside
of the collective mind

A serious climb to serious heights
mighty with white
and teeth
and tights

Breaking out the brights
with hot light

With superman's plight to get things done tonight
...Without a fight
Or a bad man who you know isn't right