A Lady At A Window Writing

Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

...dedicated to all the writers here at poetrysoup.

A lady at a window writing, 
measuring her words with strict precision. 
She takes a sip of ginseng tea 
to fuel her imagination. 
Memories go drifting by - a brother 
playing basketball, the softness 
of a springtime rain, the anger 
of an autumn sky, a flash, 
and thunder rumbling. 
Sights, smells and sounds 
are grist to her mill. Nothing spoils 
her view until her best attempt is done, 
but still dissatisfied she tweaks 
and fiddles, substitutes a weak word 
for a stronger one. Finally content 
she sets aside her pen. 
They will know her now, 
know the skill that she exhibits, 
and know that she will always do her best.