Touching A Lonely Heart

Written by: Carrie Richards

A poem is born right here at home
No need to fly where I'm alone
I've often wished for wings that fly
To take a magic carpet ride
To places deep where phrases hide
So rich with wisdom, and insights known
Above the moon, where stars are keeping
Amazing words that form a poem

If closing eyes and knowing this
The wonder of poetic bliss
Are beneath my feet, beneath my stare
A poem resides most anywhere

The voice inside my head must share
My life, my friends, my family
Within my reach, are memories
Where lies a wealth, a poem or verse
To touch a few with heartfelt words

A poem unfolds tiny rose
It starts new life, so tightly closed
But given life, it opens wide
And takes me on a carpet ride
I pray for words that will not hide
To take you too..........upon this ride
Above the moon, beyond the stars
To land upon a lonely heart
For Michael's "Boomerrang Contest": 1/27/13