Random Steppe

Written by: Jimmi Canada


Chase creator

Imitates a song

Recreates a major

Sail's you to saviors

Reinvents the round

Reelects the tazers

Summons it in a bong...

Bites it right out, 
just like the Chong

Waits in a mile
Just for the hump

Butts heads with the viral
Just like the slums

Does a downward spiral like a swivel

Dials 911 to spy on individuals

Random as hail in July

Hits like nails 
Out on the lake in the sky
-just where I had wanted to die

Like a Laker in a coat

Like a disastrous danger running wild and remote

Just like Ebenezer Scrooge with a check book and the holy ghost

Just like Jesus on an electric motorcycle
flying with angels

Jimi is a bagel

Rotating at an angle

Fly's in the sky like a needle near the eye!

Random as hail in July!

Eats prunes

And then pray's not to die!

Greets his shrooms with venom-

Beats his moods with a pendulum

Hears through stethoscopes when he's endin' the run

Goes to the gym to have a little fun!

Waits for the time to stand still

Eats all the cops in between him and his pillz!

Says **** jail!

My ass hole is a nail!

**** being out on bail!

I'll still be here untill the killer is unveiled!