she sat beside me and screamed like a wounded wolf 
I was mesmerized and shaking with fear
couldn't utter no word but to gaze at her face
her eyes were green and crimson and tired
sleep little girl sleep and put a blanket on your eyes
put a blanket on your soul
she said not now, I shall howl till morning and then die
I held her tight and kissed her eyes 
the crimson melted in my lips
I held her tight and begged her: sleep
what if this world splits in half and leaves us moaning and howling
between these hunger and these lies?
the night was dark among the trees and we howled alongside with the poisoned breeze 
how I hoped for a sign of sun
a sign of light 
the night touched us and engulfed us 
we plunged inside the heart of night
the wounded wolves stand and rise 
ferocious fight
the wounds wont heal, the blood will drop
but the fights and howls never will stop