Healed Beauty

Written by: steve peeee

Tender beauty cloaked with timid face
Unveil please! put them in their place
Bye to your tragic armoured defence 
Astounded, put them in a trance

Sorry sweet duckling it wasn't fair
Don't be haunted Now they want to stare
Let go of hatred, replace it with a smile
Don't know what hit them, it had been a while

Stand proud today, grown pretty flower
The Sun shines wanting to devour
Nature kind in this loving hour
Revealed to all, unclimbable tower

Live today for the next will reminisce
Only the days past comtemplate amiss
World breathless you've forgot your hiss
Humbled by the compliment of your natural bliss

Now impossible for one to adorn
Became invisible scar of all thorn
Unfortunate all perfections end
Universal infinity The Stars had one to lend