Written by: Jimmi Canada

Distraction in fashion
I'm on board with reaction

I show my teeth, 
In a deep-deep passion

Jig real hard
When I feel the traction

Just like the lord
I soar over fracture

Entice the past with a rapture

Endure tell-all
Just like ‘I sell-all'

When feet fall
I am still tall

I hand the weight over to the Paul, 
He gives and says whatever makes the pasture
Jingling all the way
Begging for nature

But I have a stature

I leave the whole lather
-On a platter
-With the bastards...

They entice me to just handle the shit

Just fix it! 
Just mix it! 
Flow it out of the fitness! 
Be a witness, 
A brainless hit -and -miss

Show your face in a blinkless, 
And stink-less, 
Winged fit

Wiggle all the way, 
With the ass, 
And give yourself a boat to sail a long day

Act chipper

Wanna a date? 

Slay away for the sole, 
For the body is always old, 

Make the time to be bold!