Heather Bids to Whither

Written by: Jimmi Canada

You can't fool a dancer

Hard reverb coming at you like Prancer

Welcome wagon interstellar like Lancer-

Holly demon! 

When did my steam stop? 

Holly weedin'! 

Where did you chop chop? 

Heeeeeeeeeeeey! ! ! ! 

Welcome here...
Its home in the winter

Heeeeeeeeeeeey! ! ! ! 

Dear Splinter

It's a creep in the depths of the beat

It's the 'I won'ts' in the Orgasms and weeps

The liver turns into seed
-never forgets to breathe

Because the end will set us all free! ! ! 

Welcome here, 
I have a reason to sound clear
So don't drop out justifyin' why you're not
Flappin- flippin- rectifyin'
or wearing any gear

Heather bids to whither in winter with a sinner! 

Dharma- bammered- donner's party at dinner! 

Don-wan gets undertaken by the cowards of the crewman

That's what happens off stage at an out-land

Astounding as the crowd that attracts

Jumpin' jimmy's all around the facts

People clambering over outdated nick-nacks

Elders not retiring because they know they put evil back

William wondered of war over sea's with the remorse

Donna sang to the serious on stage with the poor

Verdict was made to off set the players inundating us with words

Technology crashed the earth and left the economy for the birds