Bottled up Emotions

Written by: Julie Alcin

Never keep your emotions bottled up inside
If you do, your world will just collide
Believe me I know exactly how it feels
The pain is so extreme you would wish it wasn’t real
I act as if things do not hurt me
But inside it drives me crazy
It really helps to write my pain away
Even though that relief doesn’t actually stay
My lack of confidence destroys my soul
I guess I’ll never feel like I’m whole
I feel like I’m going to explode
For carrying all this heavy load
Sometimes I think of cutting my skin
Or shooting a bullet from under my chin
Burning or drowning, I don’t really care
As long as I’m longer going to be here
Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t born
And as I grow I get colder with all this scorn
My life is no picnic, but it isn’t hell
It’s somewhere in the middle and inside of a cell
Trapped by my mind and every emotion
Often I have a giant commotion
But I’m happy to know that other people has this pain 
And that I’m not the only one being driven insane
For everyone in this world that could relate
I hope that one day your life will be great

By Julie Alcin