Scars left behind

Written by: Julie Alcin

There are scars on my skin that nobody can see
But they’re not the ones that last for all eternity
I can’t believe that I’m going through all of this pain
And as I keep it in, I’m becoming more insane
As I grow and grow, it gets even stronger
Why did you burn and sting me forever?
Stuck in my past as I’m cutting my skin
I hope that God forgives me for my following sin
You are my father, so where is the affection?
Do you hate me, because I’m not perfection?
You burn, drown me, and sometimes a stab
You ridicule me and in my eye I got a jab
You tease me and beat me continuously
If you didn’t want kids, why did you make me?
I never asked to be born, why am I your mistake?
Why don’t you try to love me for heaven sake?
I am alone, just a stone that is bleeding
I don’t really know why I’m still breathing
Tired of life, nobody loves me
There was no good beginning, but my life won’t end badly
There is no escape, there is only death
Now it is time to breathe m last breath
Goodbye world, for life isn’t kind
And dad I hope you’ll suffer, the scars I left behind

By: Julie Alcin