Written by: Leonard Kleeman

From the time we are born until the time that we die
Choices are ours to make or to try.
When we were very small we had no say at all
but a choice was there for us to try to stand 
or just fall.

And as we got older our choices were bolder.
We had to choose on what we should eat.
Would it be fish or just some meat?

Our choices then grew and our egos did too
as we tried to decide just what we should do
to make our lives right 
and keep things in sight.

As we grew into adults we did see results 
of the choices we made and the costs 
that we paid.

We had to make choices of spouse or mate
And hope it was someone we grew not to hate.
Children was also a choice we did make
To have or to not was for our own sake.

All life was a choice for our jobs and our wealth
Should we smoke or not or forget about health.
Should we gain all that weight or go for a run
With exercise, good diet and then get some sun. 

The choices were ours and decisions were made 
Whether right or wrong our decisions were conveyed.
Fate had no part in what choices we had
It was ours to live with whether good or bad.

The choices some made were not the right way
So they no longer had say as things just went astray.
But for others it was fine and their lives were divine
The choices they made were right and done just in time.

So no matter how good or bad, 
the choice that we made was all that we had.
But life just goes on and glad or sad
the choice was ours so we can't be mad.

*Inspired by:
"The choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility."   Eleanor Roosevelt