Written by: Leonard Kleeman


I don't know who it was who first said,
"I need that like I need a hole in my head."
It was a statement that was quite profound.
Many people said it as it went all around.

So what is it like to have a hole in your head? 
You wouldn't feel much pain if you're already dead.
But if you're alive, that's another story.
A hole in the head would make things quite gory.

But, really we do have some holes in our head.
There's two holes for our eyes and a hole for our nose
And our ears have holes on the sides there instead.
Our mouth is the biggest and busiest hole I suppose.

It is the mouth that we all dread which 
operates so well.
It can be silent, or laugh, or give a loud yell.
It can be truthful or lie or just give a sigh.
And it can work with the brain or just pass it by.  

A mouth that is closed is sometimes the best
For things we may say may ruin the rest.
That hole in the head just should not work
without the brain to give it a perk.

The mouth is the hole in the head 
that we really need
to express our true feelings 
and not just to plead.
It utters the words that we use to explain
whatever we're thinking no matter how lame. 

Yes, we really do need the hole in the head,
No matter just when or how often it's said.
So the next time you say, 
"like a hole in the head'"
You'll know it has meaning 
so be careful what's said.