Written by: Leonard Kleeman

The world is made for couples,
I used to wonder why.
Of course Adam and Eve did couple
but so did the spider and the fly.

And coupling is basically needed
as the birds and the bees have heeded.
We have such things as knife and fork,
And a wine bottle, of course, has a cork.

Meat and potatoes are a coupled meal
while peanut butter and jelly we eat with zeal.
We have the old pair of bow and an arrow
and we also match the opera with a soprano.

We know socks or shoes are always a pair.
Many things go together, even to wear.
Pants are also a pair and don't ask me why,
I can't answer that no matter how I try.

All food is made for two, four or more
and parties are made for couples galore.
Most things are made for two not one
No matter how we do the sum.

We could even go back to Noah and his ark
where everything in twos in a list he would mark.
All things in the world were a couple back then.
The chickens had a rooster, 
and the rooster had a hen.

Even poems need a couple most of the time
You'll never see a poem with only one line.
There is always at least two
Just to make sure they rhyme. 

So if you're alone and not a pair
You should find someone 
with whom to share.
Because the world is made for couples
That's just the way that it should be 
To make things better for you and for me.