Dark Places

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Dark Places There are places in this world that we should never enter Where evil exists, hiding in our worst nightmares through our sleep’s surrender They are traces of hell’s window, tainted to fool what we see Left in disguise to trick the innocence in you and me A dark place rests in the mind of a psychopath One who creates strategies of games to hold us captive in their wraths They were abused inside dark places in their horrific childhoods Today, their souls and minds have been altered Their innocence taken in such an early age Filled their sweet dreams they once had and turned them into rage Their translucent tears they once shed Now run in the walls of their minds through scars that bled Thus the tears they allow us to see on the outside Are not filled with genuine emotion of a soul’s cry Their tears aren’t real; they haven’t since they were young They have no remorse for all the evil things they’ve done They were not born this way instead, created in traces of hell In dark places where evil dwelled