Written around age 30

Written by: len carber

Written around age 30

I will share in man's common oblivion
and seek peace in my heart o'er peace on earth.
I will carefully and deliberately taste
all the food I eat, enjoy my daily bowel movement,
bathe often, and whistle off-key as I please.

I will value every moment of friendship
like sparkling diamonds on a necklace, and
let their pain beat on me like my own.

I will try to love women better,
feel their pain more but fear them less
as their thighs and breasts and bottoms
run wildly through my mind like
unruly children in an orphanage of desire.

I will try to breathe better,
fill my lungs with the spirit of life, and 
learn more patience with incorrigible death.
the unseen god whose kiss touches all.