free cee I HURT yet i know most of you hardened souls do not give a damn

Written by: jeffry cohan

    I HURT

I must be curt
and declare that I hurt
I hurt for the man who can't cross the street
without his faithful dog named Pete
and a white cane to signify
why I hurt so much which makes me cry

I stay ever alert
although I hurt
for the little girl with charm
who's missing an arm
and yet she still throws a ball
while I appreciate it all
that I have all my limbs
as the sunlight dims
and I say goodbye
to the little girl who makes me cry

I hurt for the ones less fortunate than me
the ones who remind me to appreciate being free
like the man who came home from abroad
amidst a horde
of wounded men
and causes me to pick up my pen
to write about those who fought a war
and came back not the same as before
but wounded in spirit yet still smile wide
although they fought nigh to those who died

I weep for the elder who teaches me so well
about heaven and hell
and tells me that as I lay my head to sleep
to remember the blessings I reap

so you need not ask me why
why my eyes are reddened to cry
for my brothers and sisters less fortunate then me
yet struggle and grin despite fate's unfair decree
 © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~