Back then

Written by: Iveren Ikyembe

I want to go back
Back to when I was slim 
and trimmed
And all I knew was fun 
fun fun!
Back to when I had no 
worries and loved many 
Back to when no one told 
me my flaws
And I had no idea I was 
so small and short!
Back to when running a 
mile didnt seem like a 
I want to go back then

I want to go back
Back to when school 
wasnt a task
When it hardly mattered 
if you read
When it was like putting 
through the hole of a 
pin,a thread
Back to those delicious 
yam porridge
That got you spending 
with all pleasure and 
Back to those dance 
That had me feeling like I 
was a part of something
Back to building those 
sand castles
And driving mum crazy 
trying to make waffles
I want to go back then