Just,One Button

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

In order to impress and dazzle my  date,
I put on my best Safari suit hurriedly so I won`t be late,

I walk with confidence and extreme  glamour,
 Men  and ladies smile at me with great humour,

I check again to see whether I`m perfectly dressed,
finds one missing button which must be addressed,

Check a button shop to replace this missing one;
"This one is special and scarce"says the keeper on getting to my turn.

She gives me a number to call so as to correct this defect,
 bringing out my phone to call, but it`s of no effect,

Alas! one button is stuck,this hit me like a blow,
Why this is happening on a day like this?,I don`t know,

I have to correct these before meeting my dame,
These defects are serious and may tarnish my fame.

CONTEST:"Buttons" sponsored by Black Eyed Susan