What I am and Who am I

Written by: Kamal Raj Dahal

My lavish world of happiness
With digging of hole to fall down myself 
To flow into the drainage  
Far afar to go and go and go 
Damaged all and ruined 
But know why? No idea 
Perhaps missing and losing heart 
Big breakage and gaping 
Heart-loss moment and loss of trust 
My heart was clean so far  
I was thinking with boldness 
The time was driven to me to the way of endanger.  

It was the battle of life  
The bad days of life  
Truthfulness of life 
Years gathered thoughts and knowledge dampening 
And harshness of valueless spilling fate  
Concurrent offerings brought better experiences 
Useless practices and securing hate occurred  
Growing in the mind mostly  
Painful moments padlocked.  

I got diagnosed with growing sorrows 
God! You are omniscient and almighty 
I know you have created to me and landed 
Overlapping with this stressful life bringing monotonous moment 
I am dying in this survival  
Plenty of thoughts dying  
Bizarre of my life dying along with 
My fun dying, my pleasure dying 
My activeness and aggressiveness all dying 
O God! Then say to me who I am? 
I am your creativity or throwing trash of this Earth?