His Name

Written by: Jade Celeste

His name just rolls of my tongue
Reminds me of when we were young
Of the songs we left unsung
Of Love’s picture left unhung

His name makes my heart dance
Reminds me of our sweet romance
How I lost him by circumstance
How I long for one more chance

His name leads me to dream
Of meeting him by a stream
Of seeing his eyes gleam
Of releasing passion’s scream

His name makes my heart desire
To add substance to that fire
To make love and never tire
To be free again to conspire

His name brings exquisite delight
Whispered softy in the night
Floods my soul with its light
Turns all that’s bad aright

His name every night haunts
Laying bare all my heart wants
My resolve to be strong it taunts
The potential for passion it flaunts

His name, his name, his name
Has made of my life a game
Has shown I can’t be the same 
When my heart makes love to that name

Eileen Manassian Ghali