Written by: Tamara Stallworth

Show me LORD what I need to see
So that I can be free
Show them LORD that "DIFFERENT" is acceptable
For the colors of our skin, should not define unacceptable

Show her LORD that her journey is of her footsteps
And that those marks will form passages for her nest
Show him LORD that his life is of reason
As he experience rights and wrongs
Fill him with your love, that will keep him strong

Show me LORD that my life can be beautiful
With the seeds you have given me, to grow into something meaningful
My level of FAITH is stronger than ever
I can now see through unpleasant weather

The reason for your blood, was for us to breathe
Can we understand the pain you endured, because of their sin
I am blessed to have somebody like you by my side
I will love you through the long rides
You will be my sight for what is right
My strength, for when I am weak