A Human Trust

Written by: dave archuletta

In this human trust we say... 
Never does it fail

They lay in our hands 
Each with their fingers' own tiny grasp with all that it entails

These are the binds which tie and ceases a life now different, other than this story about to be told
Yet, it is to look within our humanities with consequence, which never, ever should one suppose

Sometimes a conscience kept becomes this sad, sad book 
Now standing tall, 
Open to within the width of its oppose

With its pages weeping, openly bleeding, pouring out while bloodily red
Forever inked and indelibly set in color wept,
Yet, never having forced to disclose
Still, a smile is a smile, a reward that masks all risk 
As it's hard to deny what is hard to resist

So we give in to a trusting of their moonlight hire
For these are the masters in the art of deception and our desire

So, hush, hush, oh sweet child of mine
Tonight we sleep warm within our given circle of fire 

Is this right or is this wrong - our conscience by design?
In answer... Have you ever had always known the lyrics...
Yet, had never sang the song?