You don't wanna know

Written by: Jimmi Canada

Here I can come
-lets salute the sun

Lets make a brutish cocktail for a run

Lets crash a party that wasn't fun

And then! ! ! ! ! 
Ok by then you know there is no playin'
only mind praying'
and rotation of claiming'

Because girls are entangling
to their embankment
-to the water that flows strangely
from out of town-
oh its amazing! ! ! 

Lets teach them Bangledesh
from the Bay Area-ness
that comes around in a mess
drunk and sore from all of their bets

Ball on time
-when you come
it isn't the crime

Some people ball all the time! 
They don't need our time! 
-our wishes
or our finds...

They are tourists out of their binds...
They're bosses that don't know of lives
...that need love
and are falling from their climbs