Written by: Jimmi Canada

Its always gonna try you hard, 
and make you break
It will always make you show face and terrorize in pink lace

Because I see movement of the waste, 
its choreography decorates cake, 
-Lets the whole place be a plate, 
lets the rafters wave in place...

Because costly stages just might break

And rotting basements just might take

So slither away, 
and eat a homeless mans birthday, 
in one try
or in one way

Seizing the opportunity to come through to me

Just like a well seasoned spring

Coming and hugging

Like weed in the rain

On a terrace

Unoccupied by the pain

Or people who bring the insane

Not to sound wealthy but I'd go there again

Redeem the fame

Or publicize my reign 

Show my teeth breathing smoke and the thing

Be meaner than mama bear with lost cubs next to your trash bin