Written by: Jimmi Canada

nicked hard
and plumbed 

Summoned and then stubbed

Like little links trickling against the nub

Tractored home slugged, 
with one acorn and a nut, 

Ate with the thugs
And slandered the coffee mug

Summoned the slums, 
and angered the rum, 
she was well aged, 
but more numb than buns! 

Garfunkle, Tom Petty and Cheech and Chong, 
hang out in song
on my front lawn

Seated and spawned
acting feeble... they bong
and then eat the whole lawn

Resolving the fawns, 
and elves, 
peering in on the fun

From trees, 
and from behind guns, 
they came and they spun

The eye's will wither

The plane's will complain about hugs
-too much sun seeping into the runs! 

The riddle is hung

The land is done

The winter is gone

Come and make some plumbs