Witches can be dudes

Written by: Jimmi Canada

Feel um' sum mo'
Get um in and out the door's

'Cause good company rages on...

When I am with um' I am on

Wheel um to go

Wind it back and drop the note

'Cause the krumpin' will dump out the mote...

Get um to flow

Careen on the boat

Get um feet first into the waters that you know

'Cause Jesus was dope

He'd leave you gold

He'd eat the whole stone

Get um to know

Ask um' why you think you chose? 

Click on his show, 
with a grisly remote

See um' by the vote-


He's seasonal boast

He's Jesus doin' coke

He's reasons to float

He's beatin' me out of my boat...

Makin' babies out of my jokes

And baking a cake in my stove in my home