Making Babies

Written by: Jimmi Canada

Don't allow little demons to sweep you off your feet

Let float like weed

And your boat will cross with ease

-Serious feed to cattle you are

Don't stray too far from a tree top tower

Or better yet- a shower
At the gym
Or with the powder

Can't go wrong with earths little hours
When you listen longer than your age allows

Can't sing too many songs
It just wouldn't be right

Can't ever breath too long...
Unless it is time to fight-
The light
The time
Or the swipes

Oh the car that drives me around outside! 

Oh the dangerous doer walking on his own with stride! 

Simple but still swine

I don't need

I don't pry

I clean myself
Don't need to understand another mans price

Because whats mine? 

I don't calculate a dime...
Unless its a dime, 
-The pocket change overflowing out of my mind

Some call it waste

Some call it device

I call it the youth-
I am still so unable to deny!