Written by: Jimmi Canada

I spent too long in the sand, 
The day has ran

I am a dam

The waters run cold, 
and that is bad

Turn around and grab
because the air of the wind isn't fun

Teeter totter with the band
let um go laugh...

Take a polygraph: Ask 
'How sad are the sad? '

Then wake up to a face
She is your great big taste

She thinks the world renowned isn't insane

It is just unclaimed
-Overdue and over blamed

Just like you on your way

Stop saying that you might be gay

Just f*** f*** away

Do a couple drugs and open your eye's for today

You might just say hey

I can be there

I can prey

I can be cannibal

I can punch away

So what if I can't win a fight

So what if I only have so much time

Suck this big fine...Pig

I pay your wage

And I renege 

Even when their aren't good cards to play

I say that's sick

Jump into it

Let people know when to sit

Suck this, big man-been there done this

Suck fist

I'm young and have yet to be dissed-
be in remiss-
do a job that's stupid as shit

Time is a diss-
if you start now and start to hate 

Time isn't a kiss-
if you let things go and still think your swift

Time can be a big miss- 
unless you show heart and shuttle people out of the mist