Smiling Fins

Written by: Jimmi Canada

That one gives it to me ball

I crisped in voice as I slanged in the cross

Thou art ample enough to set aside a remark? 
Instead of throwing the entire game sampled…
Only ever enlarging to soon become trampled? 

Well...up above the mantel
A women holds out an anvil
And then she adds mandible

Oh she is an outrageous cannibal! 

Oh sin, 
What do hard smarts win them? 

Oh perceptions held-in...

Is the legendary hand just a spectacle? 
Is it impressible
- Digestible? 

Between eggshells and
Foreign cocktail's
Between footmen
And orange pigtails

Ringing every bell

Never counting on my mind, 
turning into a smell

Butts touch whales! 
Butts touch whales! 

If the inhaler inhales
Then sit on a whale
Hold out your hands oh so pail


It's a dream my friend

With too much reason the rhymes fail

Even strong arms become weighed down by the sails...

It's in a song where my fins sing within la's la's and ley ley's
Dusty heydays going out by the layaway's

Coming on strong because I say I say
Caffeine and a bong -on my way today

Here it comes
I move across the way

I beat up the wrong tongue
And he hits back harder than the midday sun

I was never wrong because I won! 
In the game of life you have to be fun! 

Just keep on moving and never run
Never ever run!