Written by: Joyce Johnson

I went surfing on the Internet in the year Two Thousand Five
When I chanced on Poetry Soup and paused there for a bit.
I read some of the poetry and posted some of mine,
Then turned away without a clue how to get back to it.

The words languished in their mystery home for a total of four years,
No one had commented, they must have thought my poems were freaks,
Until one day my email opened with a message from the Soup.
To tell me my poem was featured on their home page for two weeks.

With the link that Soup forwarded I returned back to the site,
And found my poem and new comments that were so very kind.
So I’ve been a faithful member since the year Two Thousand Nine
In this friendliest, happiest, poetry place that one could ever find.

I thought perhaps you’d like to see 
The poem that was the start of me.

	Lost Words

Sometimes I catch them easily,
The words I’m reaching for,
At other times watch helplessly
As they crash to the floor.
I try to reassemble but
They’ve landed in a jumble.
I grab too fast for floaters and
My chair and I both tumble.

Susie thinks it is hilarious
And joins into the fun.
Before she hears my “stop”, she has
Already swallowed one.
I am truly very sorry
There are no poems from me.
You will know why when I tell you
My dog ate my poetry.                 

Written: 8/8/04

Now with over thirteen hundred postings,
I’m trying hard to earn my way
In this assemblage of fine poets.
Thanks for allowing me to stay.

Written:  1/26/13