Don't read this

Written by: Jimmi Canada

You come over
But you can't get my back

You say you're sure of your knowin'
And our love was always wack

You come over
And I feel the pain

I am ashamed and regretful the same

You come over
And I come inside

Not to be vulgar
But you beat me outta my pipe

Sweet songs still sing
When I'm rockin' hard
-and hearing you bring

These are such grave emotions
And I am still just bipolar- 
or so you plead

Wasted time feels nice
Up untill the moment where I have to break some ice

I see the world without any glass
Its a big piece of *****that's still in my ass

Forcing grass into my face

Feeling nothing when I'm out during the day

Whoh! Did I just explain my name? 
Dark man smelling dank, 
tasting sour, 
moving too fast for trains

Did I just bake
Cookies or cake? 
Something blank? 
That you can now fill in with all of the little things?