Drought gone

Written by: DON JOHNSON

Yes Good one Frank...but now for the strange one johnson hehehe... over a number of years my mother has been predicting droughts.... we usually get a drought after one good year! then 3 years of drought! the last 4 have been climate change but wet years...? NO DROUGHT IN AUSTRALIA??? with my practice of visualize healing bulging aortas by seeing them shrink in my mind... i took to seeing L s coming to the south east here, we really need water! we have had lows coming south??? coincidently we have had lots of rain ...this last month i have been seeing the L on the weather map on tv coming here to Brisbane...more coincidence hey...safer predicting a low than a cyclone ...my mum is almost convinced ??? The last few days we had a low form in the gulf of carpenteria and travel down the coast 2 thousand miles to Brisbane, where it is very wet and soggy currently.....Don xo