Fair memories


Pretty ponied carousal, red, yellow, blue,
Spinning into a swirling purple hue.
Summer breeze through sweaty hair,
Dog-day memories reside there.
Blue ribbon exhibits on display,
I never won one anyway.
Penned up animals wafting scent,
Craving goodies all money spent
Puffy sweet cotton-candy pink,
Slushy syrup cherry drink.
Chocolate milkshakes super thick,
Ice cream melts in heat doubly quick.
Carameled apples sticky good,
I'd go back in time, if I could.
Artery-clogging fried delight,
Mouth-watering, for just one bite.
Plump corn-dogs on a stick,
Garbage three pointer a grand trick.
Chicken fingers, cheese curds,curly fries,
Shoot the target win the prize.
Stuffed animals, for a bull’s-eye,
Spinning Ferris wheels so high.
Rides so damn dizzy, stomach aches,
Fast as any bathroom breaks.
Last in line to relieve the pain,
To silence the gas always in vain.
Fondest August reminiscence I can pick,
Selective memory the times when sick.