My Life is Pen and Paper

Written by: Dominic Amezimi

My life is pen and paper
My world was built with them
And still they’re true forever
Till when the worlds will end

They helped me with the letters
And see me through life’s school
They know when, if and whether
My returns would be good

Now pen then ink and feather
Who stored up memories
Upon cloth or brown paper
Now made to history

They're true and never skitter
About what has been known
Their wisdom's cheap, but glitters
And turns us into gold

My world is pen and paper
My life made colourful
And blessed by these two mothers
I bless thee my people

They helped me with math furthered
And also with the games
Now through the storm and weather
They've risen up my name

When even in cold winter
Their work’s still beautiful
And as it gets colder
They are more wonderful

Life was made with you my brothers
Well made like the sparkling stars
That shines and points their fingers
To none but God on high