Rose Child


Hold soft a rose, gently use,
For too harsh and it may bruise.
Compare a child to a supple red rose,
The petals fall easily with bitter blows.

A child will grow like a wild rose bares,
Thorns that prick, beliefs that no one cares.
Hold fast in truth, cruel words take root,
Like weeds in the garden soil and soot.

Spread uncontrollable unless cultivated with love,
Prayers for patience, and guidance above.
Remember though this blossoming child,
Isn't always so prickly, with tendences riled.

Their precious feelings get easily hurt,
When thoughtless words come out too curt.
Nurture a cherub's chubby cherry cheek,
They thrive in the love they'll seek.

Clouds will gather there can't always be sun,
Kind words bring a glow when the day is done.
Hold close this rose and cherish its beauty,
Each one to lovingly tend, a parents duty.

cultured with grace and gentle care
a rose has a fragrance to share
See as a child flourishes and grows,
Treated like a beauteous supple rose.