not done yet poem

Written by: Travis Lone Hill

Yeah I know Im twenty-eight years old
You see my youth shinning
And yet Im still young living bold
My words of written keep on fighting
I still have a poetic story yet to be told
My words are trapped in the dark, they need lighting
My story is possible for it to seven-fold
My story is coming out into the open and finally out of hiding
Yeah it just might get bigger than ever and ****ing blow
My story is walking and yet it going to be cruising and riding
yeah my story worth copper yet it going to be gold
Soon  after it is going to be rare for one of my words to get a simple sighting
I know Im so in that my poetry will be OUT SOLD

yeah I go backward before forward when I stop I don't go
I like telling the *****before the se7en king show
Im ready for these ****ing cameras to unroll
yeah Im going down dirt paths where I leave behind paved roads
I know I what I got so you see it in my rez life 7 clothes