Written by: jeffry cohan

              WAS IT WHAT IT WAS?

It was a time of temperance for a temper tamed
It was a time when, on beauty, was mournfulness and belligerence blamed
It was a time when a recently birthed masterpiece was smudged
It was a time for a liar to finally be judged
While a man jousted with a beast who would not be budged
A deity who held power in her hand with which that self-same deity gave the man a nudge
That nudge was to advise the man of meekness not to hold even the grain of a grudge
It was a time when torment meant meaningless embraces and unkind kisses
It was a time someone with more insight than I intentionally misses
As God and Satan are both taking pisses
While the Pope put the pious in a confessional booth bastardized by all the sacrilegiously self-possessed
Sinners all and all sinners self-confessed
As I was sent by Satan his most sordid and grievous guest
A woman who suckled at the breast of duplicity
A lady lacking a scintilla of pity
It was a time when that woman drained me of blood drop by dreary drop
It was a time when I wished time would stop
© 2012  copyright PHREEPOETREE…~free cee!~