Written by: Odin Roark


Words without color
Are words drawn from an empty well
From fathoms of dusty knowledge that rapidly fade
As time encroaches time

And sounds without song
Are but shards of empty utterances that once belonged to language
Where once melody passed from quill to paper, from page to book, from heart to soul
But are now mere ellipses to nowhere

I need not request you touch my heart
To envelope our beings with shadow's light
And create choruses of joy atop the palette of love

For you are void of language too brittle to bend
Too rigid to flow
And too distant to feel

You have forged the arc of our journey
Wherein awaits the mystery
That patience bestows on time
That willingness allows for hope
And courage delivers with love

Will you be my Shadowlight
And dance with me in the whiteness of infinite rainbows?