free cee HARMONY AND HEAT i dubbed this hybrid poetry hoping some you may understand why

Written by: jeffry cohan


A mansion made of music
a house formed of harmony
a room filled with rhythm
living with a lady I call honey

I walk the halls of harmony
I dance in the parlor to music I need to feed upon
oftentimes I come home to an empty place
and eat dinner after Jesus says grace
I hear hymnals from an unseen choir
on nights sitting alone by the warmth of a fire
but then my lover comes home and I'm there waiting for her
and the mystical music that's bound to occur
and it's her voice that begins to produce the harmony
she takes the high notes, I the low
and I am warmed not by the fire but by her “hello”
we sit at a table set for two
and she says “i can't take my eyes off of you”
I answer likewise with a smile that makes her laugh
and her giggle heats my heart with comfort
because the moment we met both of us knew that was a moment heaven had planned 
and both of us quickly came to understand
that music can make miracles
and the notes come from a mutual soul
while living together amidst peacefulness is our goal
so I walk out in the morning with a kiss goodbye
and somehow it always makes me want to cry
because I so look forward to the night
as we sit on an oriental rug in front of the firelight
held once again in the arms of music and harmony

my lover knows how much I care
and that a love like outs is flawless diamond type rare
finding inspiration from each others heart
and I felt harmony in her soul from the start
   © copyright PHREEPOETREE  ~free cee!~