Port Discovery

Written by: Robert Ludden

The mind on course is nothing but obtuse, 
recalcitrant and leaderless. 
Silent particles stream by unnoticed
and a soul doesn't care;  
the stopping ports are easier...
until the ones and zeros re-arrange
and an electron jumps
the other way... not much incentive
for another listless hour on shore.

No matter then, the prayers are said, 
the songs are sung, 
and suddenly there is new joy
upon the threshold of the day.
That which is known
is much too prone to cloy.  
The time has come 
to celebrate the open door,
and why?...not for the prayers
or songs intoned too readily.
No, there is more.

I am a captain with a visionary crew
who long for the unknown,
along with me are ready for
a midnight rendezvous             
when we shall toast the sunrise,
set the sail upon uncharted sea
and drink the wine of love.